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5 Awesome Indicators for MT4

  1. Total Positions – There is a strong correlation between multiyear high or low positions and a market swings.
  2. Net Positions – The basic premise of this concept is to “start thinking” about MAJOR trend change if the Speculative positions turn NET long or NET short
  3. Share of Open Interest – Most reliable signal. Markets top or bottom EVERY time certain amount of the outstanding contracts are held by one side
  4. Famous Willco – William’s Commercial Index. WILLCO gives an advanced view to the standard Index and proves valuable to measure extreme levels of the positioning
  5. Index Indicator – Gives you a normalised view of what could be considered high or low in terms of net positioning. Excellent to spot tops and bottoms
  6. MT4 indicators cover major currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, JPY, NZD, AUD and commodities like GLD, SILVER. As default we work with legacy report but everything is possible with our indicator

Famous C.O.T Weekly Report

  1. C.O.T. report is designed for traders with longer horizons. Those who plan their trading a few months ahead. Swing traders enter markets a few times a quarter
  2. Its designed to gauge supply and demand of a particular currency. It can be used to confirm mid to long term fundamental bias by analysing speculative positions in the market.
  3. The report breaks down each Tuesday’s Open Interest and gives us a powerful view on what exactly the big guys have been doing in the marketplace and what their plans might be
  4. In the report, we cover EURO, GBP, AUD, JPY, CAD, and we focus on Non-Commercial traders as an indication of a profit driven bias
  5. Our report predicted major market tops and bottom with a deadly accuracy many times in the past
  6. This is an essential tool for gauging long term sentiment in futures markets

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“Speculators went from being 47K net short to be 86K net short. This level is the ALL TIME HIGH . The last time speculators were this much net short was back in January 2007 when USDCAD collapsed from 1.15 to 0.92 in the space of one year. It is likely that the same scenario will play out this time around. Despite fundamental data and uncertainty around Oil prices and OPEC, I fully expect, this market tops here and a major decline is to follow.”

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“Again the price followed bullish sentiment among Non-Commercial traders from few weeks ago when they became NET LONG in AUD futures.
This week, the same pattern continues.NC traders added another 4K long positions to their portfolios and reduced shorts by 3.3K.
This suggests further increase in price in AUD Dollar in the coming weeks.”

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“God save stocks and Kuroda! After breaking 116 support JPY gained even more steam and rallied against all majors. USDJPY had another leg down, attracting more bears into the market.
Nobody bought into a negative interest rates policy! Non-Commercials remained on the NET LONG side. This week they decreased both sides on the transactions: Longs by 6.2K but at the same time they dumped twice as much short positions. This should support the current downtrend in USDJPY.”

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ONLY $8/per month