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“We help novice and experienced traders to get better with their trading by providing them with excellent market analysis, profitable trade alerts and high quality trading courses.”

We provide you with knowledge that comes from REAL trading experience and gives you the trading edge that you need to succeed.

About Us

My name is Roman Sadowski

I’m the founder and chief strategist at Humble Traders
I class myself as a Forex Trader now, but that’s not how I started out.
It took me a long time and a whole lot of pain to finally understand what drives the markets and prices.

Professional Skills

Currencies 100%
Economics 100%
Trading 100%
Futures and Options 100%

Years ago

I used to pick entry points at random based on emotion or news events or something I heard on TV! I didn’t use stop loss. I just couldn’t face another loss. I thought only fools used fundamental market analysis to trade. I have tested every trading system and strategy under the sun! I have blown my account over and over, and I had to start again from scratch a few times!

One day I dropped everything and went to study economics, banking and finance at University for three long years to learn how all this works and how it doesn’t.
I graduated in 2011 with an honours degree in Economics, Money and Banking.

Over the last decade I have put thousands of hours into trial and error, testing, checking, cross checking various strategies, systems and trading techniques.
During all those years of studying and trading, I learned many great things like patience, consistency and discipline.

Most importantly I learned risk management, processes and habits. I also learned what doesn’t work at all…

My strategy has grown from everything I learned over all that time


My mind is wired to catch long term moves at their beginnings. That doesn’t mean I try to catch the top or the bottom. That is a loser’s game.

I buy or I sell already reversed markets. And I’m very good at it. Check for yourself HERE

I don’t pretend to have some secret intuition about the market and I don’t rely on luck. No-one can predict the market with 100% accuracy, it’s not about accuracy.

It’s about how much money you have in your account at the end of the year.

I believe in making calm rational decisions what, when and how to trade based on a decade of intense learning.

There is no magic to it.

Years ago, before I went to college to study finance and economics my focus was mainly on technical analysis. I did not pay attention to anything else other than my indicators and charts.

Today I know that price is only part of a much bigger picture.

  • I establish my long term outlook using Commitments of Traders and macro analysis.
  • I track currency prices daily and I match them against weekly risk events to anticipate major price reversals or to confirm current trends.
  • I use only a few leading indicators with PRICE being the number 1.


This is my approach. Any strategy can be built on this


It is not 100% (nothing is), but it works often and combined with my money management techniques, that ensures consistent profits.

I never expect anything back from the market. I take what it gives me. I trade anything between 1-4 times per month but I don’t make that an objective.

Market punishes trader’s personal KPIs and objectives.

My expectations are clear:

It is impossible to press a button and wake up the next morning a freshly minted millionaire.

It is possible however, to start with a modest account balance and finally, over an extended period, eventually turn that original starting capital into a sizable account.




At Humble Traders I want to help novice and experienced traders to get better with their trading by providing them with excellent market analysis and high quality trading courses.

I want to provide you with knowledge that comes from real trading experience and gives you the edge that no other courses will give you.

I never found any valuable knowledge on Udemy or other similar sites.

Forget about so called educators who never traded the markets.

Forget about useless “top 10 tips” articles

To get ahead in this game – you need real stuff backed up by actions and experience.
And this is exactly what I do at Humble Traders!

I want you to become a connected and informed trader.


BUT Don’t forget

Trading is hard work, no matter what methods you use.
Trading is intellectually challenging and emotionally draining.

I can teach you what I know and what I have learned via my trading courses and members community, but it’s up to you to put in the ‘hard-work’ and follow-through with what you learn.

On that note:
I hope at Humble Traders you will find great quality content and accurate market analysis that will save you from making expensive mistakes and will accelerate your development as a trader

If you stick around, I promise, you will learn something.


Roman Sadowski

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