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Commitments of Traders Indicator for Meta Trader 4

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5 Awesome Indicators for MT4

  1. Total Positions – There is a strong correlation between multiyear high or low positions and a market swings.
  2. Net Positions – The basic premise of this concept is to “start thinking” about MAJOR trend change if the Speculative positions turn NET long or NET short
  3. Share of Open Interest – Most reliable signal. Markets top or bottom EVERY time certain amount of the outstanding contracts are held by one side
  4. Famous Willco – William’s Commercial Index. WILLCO gives an advanced view to the standard Index and proves valuable to measure extreme levels of the positioning
  5. Index Indicator – Gives you a normalised view of what could be considered high or low in terms of net positioning. Excellent to spot tops and bottoms
  6. MT4 indicators cover major currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, JPY, NZD, AUD and commodities like GLD, SILVER. As default we work with legacy report but everything is possible with our indicator

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