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We analyse Commitments of Traders to find FX Pairs that are about to top or bottom.

Ditch the crowd of retail traders and:

Learn how to use COT to triple your profits
Visualise COT data on your MT4 charts
Get Humble Traders’ Weekly C.O.T expert report

As seen on:

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that Speculators are a profitable group making around

$10MIL in profits per week on the CME platform alone.

I don’t know about you but…


Imagine you always knew where the prices are going and where they are about to top or bottom.

Imagine you looked at the chart of EURUSD and you knew the price would be

800 or 1200 pips higher in 3-5 months.

Imaging you were very confident with your outlook because it

played out over 80% of the time in the past.

What would you do?

Because I do THIS!


Nice ha!

I think it’s time you looked at

Commitments of Traders


It will change the way you trade forever!

I promise!

I was shocked when I discovered that:

Commitments of Traders metrics generate 80% accurate signals

yet, the average JOE trader frankly don’t get it!

He thinks this is BS!

Check this out

This is an article I posted on Forex Factory some time ago.

The analysis clearly pointed to a massive decline taking place in USDCAD market

See the responses

Nobody got the fact the Smart Money was positioning for a massive decline.

See what happened…

You see..

Joe doesn’t like Commitments of Traders because

C.O.T figures seem complicated and confusing at first and he simply can’t understand them or is not prepared to commit the time to study.

He gives up after a while and goes back to his moving averages on 15min charts to get an instant thrill, while

“Commitments Of Traders custom metrics predict the markets with deadly accuracy”

The truth is:

This stuff is not complicated at all. It’s as simple as:

  1. Follow the smart money
  2. Sell overcrowded markets
  3. Buy oversold markets
  4. Repeat

Ditch the crowd of retail traders

Become part of the elite

who understand the underlining forces behind price movements in the currency markets.

and get:


Our weekly report analysing Commitments of Traders data for EURO, GBP, AUD, JPY and CAD.

Our report has predicted major market tops and bottoms many times in the past with deadly accuracy.


Custom made, highly advanced COT Indicator suite automatically plots the most important C.O.T metrics right onto your Meta Trader 4 charts.

Easily visualise Commitments of Traders data on your price charts.


( Priced @ $199 – free for members )

In this course I will show you everything you need to know to successfully use, analyse and trade with Commitments of Trader report.

The course includes hours of targeted video content, quizzes, additional resources. No rubbish. Only important stuff.

In this course you will learn:

  • What is the market, who drives the prices and why.
  • How to successfully use, analyse and trade with Commitments of Traders report.
  • A practical application of the analysis which you will be able to incorporate into your own trading.
  • How to use Speculative extremes, Speculative net positions and Open Interest density to predict major market reversals and long term trends.

Turn your $9.99 a month into




Sign up now. Cancel any time!

78% of our members report more profits by following COT.

Benefits of trading

Commitments of Traders

Every serious trader must have a long-term bias in the market. It’s important for you to get your bias sorted and filter out the noise. You need to know if you are a bull or a bear. This course will allow you to finally:

  • See what speculators are doing and why
  • Identify markets that are about to make a big move
  • Gauge if the current trend is just beginning or about to end
  • Be right more often
  • Stay away from losing trades

You will make more money as a result

“Your services are exceptional. I have been on the trial membership for now but i don’t see a reason NOT to continue. I have joined a lot of services like this just to compare and see which one suites me particularly, BUT not only does HUMBLE TRADERS suite me,I’m sure it can suite everyone out there!!! Without doubt you guys are the best. You make trading soo easy,,hell trading is easy only if you trading with the right guys AND you guys are the right ones. THANK YOU ROMAN & Team!!!!”


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