“At humble traders, we realise the importance of fostering the entrepreneurial spirit in the next generation”

That is why we have created the humbletraders.com  young entrepreneurs scholarship fund.

This scholarship is worth $1000 and will be awarded annually to a qualifying student who fits the criteria and completes the scholarship application to the satisfaction of the founders of humbletraders.com.

Amount: $ 1,000

Application Deadline: 1st of December each year.
Award Year: recurring
Class: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior
Enrolment: Full Time, Part Time
FAFSA needed: No
Renewable: No
Eligibility: Anyone attending a college.
Description:  We will award the scholarship, to allow the students to focus on their entrepreneurial endeavors.
How to Apply: Email your entry to info@humbletraders.com
Application Instructions: Submit a 1500 word essay on what you plan on doing after you graduate from college.
If you are interested in a scholarship please forward your essay to info@humbletraders.com and write scholarship in the subject box.