Here at HumbleTraders, we believe in… being humble

“Our mission is to make informed decisions based on fact, patterns and technical analysis to build a steady profitable trading account. We believe in reducing risk as much as possible and eliminating snap decisions based on emotion.”

About Us

Roman Sadowski – Founder

I have been trading currencies for over 12 years. I am finance passionate, a hands on expert in futures, binary options and currency spot trading. I’m also the founder of

I don’t believe in empty sales talk. I don’t rely on luck.
I don’t pretend to have some secret intuition about the market.

No-one can predict the market with 100% accuracy.
I truly believe the journey to profitability and freedom is a function of  hard work, commitment, persistence and boring routines.

There is no magic to trading. I believe in making calm rational decisions what, when and how to trade based on a decade of intense learning.


After years of searching I finally found the approach and strategy that works. I then married it. For once I decided to commit to one single thing for a long time.
I wanted to see if I could overcome the good times and the bad times and if I would come out with profit on the other side.
And I did.
It is next to impossible to press a button and wake up the next morning a freshly minted millionaire.
It is possible however, to start with a modest account balance and finally, over an extended period, eventually turn that original starting capital into a sizable account.


Our approach in 4 steps:

Step 1 Establish long term market trends

To do this we analyse weekly risk events and keep track of these in our Risk Events Tracker (designed by Humble Traders), we review FED watch tools, Commitments of Traders data amongst others.

Step 2 Spot market reversals

We apply momentum analysis and reversal price patterns. We use a top down technical approach to finding high probability trading set ups. We analyse the market starting with weekly charts and working our way down to find the best trading set up on 1 hour, 30 minute or 15 minute charts.

Step 3 Enter the market at low risk

Our Daily Trading Template (designed by Humble Traders) gives you a check list to work through for each trade and helps you establish routine and confidence. We use Meta Trader 4 custom templates and indicators to help us see prices better
When we have the bigger picture, we form a bias seeking momentum reversal and trading reversal patterns. We carry out multi time frame chart analysis to spot market tops and bottoms.

Step 4 Manage open positions 

Poor or non-existent money management techniques destroyed many great strategies. Our strategy leverages money and risk management. We enter different lot sizes based on the type of trade (position sizing) and we split the position to further lower risk (position splitting). We control the maximum percentage of our account we’ll risk and we strive to make logical non-emotional decisions at all times.

Access HumbleTraders Strategy Guide

Learn what we do and how we do it with our 50 page e-book detailing, synopsising and outlining:

Momentum Reversal Strategy with instructions on how to extract profits from the market. Our E – Book includes step-by-step instructions on:

  • How to trade Fundamental Analysis
  • How to trade Technical Analysis
  • Money Management techniques and tricks
  • MT4 Templates and Indicators and Trading Routines more details