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 This Course contains step-by-step instructions to teach you how to trade profitably

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Control your trading with four simple steps

Step 1

Establish long term market trend using Commitments of Traders and Risk Events analysis

Step 2

Spot the market reversal using momentum analysis and reversal price patterns

Step 3

Enter the market at low risk using technical leading indicators

Step 4

Manage open positions using advanced money management techniques

Section 1: Fundamental Analysis

Establishing the longer term trend is the first, and most important piece of the puzzle. Fundamental analysis needs to be a part of any successful trading strategy. You will need it to get your mid to long term outlook on the currency you trade. This section will teach you how to incorporate weekly risk events, FED Watch Tool and Commitments of Traders data

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Section 2: Technical Analysis

The strategy uses top down technical approach to find high probability trading setups. You need to analyse the market starting with weekly charts and work your way down to find the best trading setup on 1hr, 30min or 15min charts. The strategy uses Stochastic Oscillator ( multi-time frame ), Support and resistance, Fibonacci retracements.

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Section 3: Money Management

Accurate trading strategy is simply not enough to generate income and at the same token bad money management destroyed many great strategies. Here you will how you can improve your profitability by leveraging money and risk management. You will enter different lot sizes based on the type of trade ( position sizing ) and you will split the position to further lower your risk. ( position splitting )

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Section 4: Step by Step Trading instructions with examples

Getting a big picture and forming a bias, seeking momentum reversal and trading reversal patterns ( with examples ). Learn how to perform Multi Time Frame Chart Analysis, spot the markets top and bottoms. Here you will learn how to define best place to enter the market.

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Section 5: Daily Trading template

Trading your plan template. A simple Step by Step Daily Routine template

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Section 6: MetaTrader 4 Downloads

Download MT4 custom templates and indicators. These tools will help you to see the prices better.

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How does the momentum strategy perform?

If you followed us since 2015, you will know that below performance is 100% live

  • Trade frequency: 1 – 5 trades per month
  • Return: 58% in 2016
  • All trades: 57
  • Losers: 10
  • Winners: 32
  • Broke Even: 15
  • Accuracy excluding break even: 56%
  • Average loss in 2016: 97 pips
  • Average gain in 2016: 197 pips
  • Average Risk vs Reward: 2:1

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