Let me show you how to Beat the Forex Market. It’s easy!

Hi, I’m Roman. I’m here to show you through my own experience and proven strategies exactly how you can consistently make money on FX markets.

Unlike others, I do trade what I preach to give you the advantage you need


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Is this you?

Unable to make consistent, reliable income from trading. Always behind the market and prices. Getting whipsawed every day, missing out on winning trades, often being on the losing side of the market, over trading, not seeing BIG moves in currency markets. Jumping from one system to another and still not sure why they never work. Blew a few accounts in the process. Taking expensive courses but learning nothing and slowly losing confidence?

Yeah. I’ve been there. Now I know that…

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Trading is simpler than you think. 

By developing a good trading plan and a proper approach to the market you can become a more enlightened and better trader. We believe that staying connected to the market’s risk events, following “smart money”, understanding economics, finance and central banking, strategizing and being consistent, thorough and patient is the only way to succeed in this game.

Our approach to trading is simple

We beat the game in 3 simple steps

Step 1 – Long term outlook

We analyse Commitments of Traders data to see what ‘smart money’ is doing in the market.  COT gives us very powerful and reliable signals that often initiate long term trends in the currency markets.

Step 2 – Short term patterns

We track prices and risk events daily to stay connected and to identify trading opportunities. We do the hard work and then present you with actionable trading plansIt takes literally a few minutes to read our analysis.

Step 3 – Trading

An accurate trading strategy is not enough to generate income and by the same token bad money management destroys many great trading strategies. It is important to have an entry and exit strategy in place. We manage our open positions to maximise winners and limit losses.

You should join and trade FX with us to finally:

See the next big move unfolding

See what’s coming up in economics

Know important price levels for major pairs

Get your market outlook right

Follow profitable trading setups

See what the “smart money ” is doing

“I wont lie. Your services are exceptional. I have been on the trial membership for now but i don’t see a reason NOT to continue. I have joined a lot of services like this just to compare and see which one suites me particularly, BUT not only does HUMBLE TRADERS suite me,I’m sure it can suite everyone out there!!! Without doubt you guys are the best. You make trading soo easy,,hell trading is easy only if you trading with the right guys AND you guys are the right ones. THANK YOU ROMAN & Team!!!!”



Follow and Trade the market with us


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Industry leading newsletter packed with trading plans, setups and technical analysis. We cover GBPUSD, EURUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD. Read more…


Our weekly report analysing Commitments of Traders data  for EURO, GBP, AUD, JPY and CAD. Our report has predicted major market tops and bottoms many times in the past with deadly accuracy. Read more…


Custom made, highly advanced COT Indicator suite automatically plots the most important C.O.T metrics right onto your Meta Trader 4 charts. Easily visualise Commitments of Traders data on your price charts. Read more…


Be ready for the coming week! Macro economics wrap-up of the most important, price-moving risk events for the coming week. An essential part of our trading plan. Read more…


Our spreadsheet-based, tracker lets you keep up with 6 global economies and over 120 risk events in less than 20 minutes per day. Read more…


I follow a strict routine before entering the market. I keep a detailed journal with the reasons and the logic behind each trade. Follow my trades and learn the process. Read more…

You should join us because


Our super accurate market analysis helps a trader see a trend change coming – before it ever happens! It can confirm a trend change before anyone else is aware of it. Because  you need the ability to cut through the market noise and have a clear view on the price direction. You need a TOOL to anticipate the next BIG move.

Our analysis gives you plenty of time to act upon the unfolding price action. Get the daily sentiment before London’s open from Monday to Thursday

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